Independant financial Advice & german mortgage Expert for Expatriates


Independent Financial Advice for Expatriates


We provide independent financial advice and mortgage brokerage for Expatriates and other international clients in Deutsch, English, Français.




We would be happy to advise you contactless via telephone and video as well as directly on site



Independent financial advice & insurance Broker

Independent advice and Brokerage of real estate loans

Baufi24 & Kredit24 Representative Office




                               = > Partnering with 450+ lenders to find you the best offer




Personalized financing options in 24hours with Bank Approval  



Get pre-approved 

pre-approval certificate helps assure your seller that you can afford to buy property in Germany up to a defined purchase price. Given that the German real estate market can
be very competitive, getting a pre-approval will help you stand out from other

potential buyers on house viewings


Get mortgage advice 
We compare financing options from more than 400 German banks and will run an affordability check instantly and suggest three personalized options.


Make Application for House loan

Financial Approval and Notary Appointment are the next Steps   


Blue card holders |  Limited PR Owner | Freelancers |  EU citizens | English Speakers 






You want to reduce your Income Tax? 

Tax benefits provided by government & 
Sponsored private pension schemes


Pension Schemes and Possibilities

Tax Advantage with Investments

Pension Planning with tax advantages

Rürup Basic Reteriment Plan, Riester Retirement Plan






Private Health Insurance & Hospital, Dental Add on with benefits



Private health insurance system (private Krankenversicherung - PKV)

Rather than opting for statutory health insurance, you are able to take out a private health insurance plan in certain circumstances. If you wish to take out private insurance and you are employed, you will need to let your employer
know so that they don’t automatically register you with a statutory health insurance scheme.

You can opt for private health insurance if any of the following apply to you: ​

You earn more than 66.600 euros per year? Then check your monthly rate, probably you can save much money!






Check-up for insurance Quoation and conditions


Occupational Disability

Liability Insurance

Advocate Insurance

Surviving Dependents Insurance

Accident Insurance

Building insurance, etc...




Financial Advisor for Expats



I have been offering independent financial services & financial planning for more than
23 years. I guarantee a consulting service that is not linked to any banks or insurance companies, and we will support you in all your financial matters. When providing my service, i take account of any existing  employer contributions such as  company-funded pension plans, employee-funded pension, contributions to capital formation (VWL), housing loans, etc... and of any existing contracts.


My service & consultancy is free of charge. My claims are directed to the company or the bank, for which the customer has chosen the financial or insurance Product.









Independant financial Advice & german mortgage Expert for Expatriates


For all of you, who are not at the location, I offer Online Conference Calls & Full Service

We check your existing financial solutions, supplement and optimize them if necessary.

100% independent and 23 years of experience with financial planning for Expats




Construction financing - investment - insurance - pension planning - family provision 

Independent financial services for Expats. Private Health insurance | mortgage lending | retirement plans |

tax aided saving plans | insurance | liability insurance | advocate insurance | building insurance


Anlageberatung & Anlagevermittlung: IH Individuelle Finanzberatung UG(haftungsbeschränkt) & Co. KG ist im Rahmen der Anlageberatung und der Anlagevermittlung von Finanzinstrumenten gem. § 2 Abs. 4 WpHG als gebundener Vermittler ausschließlich im Namen, für Rechnung und unter Haftung der FiNet Asset Management AG tätig.


Unabhängige Beratung und Vermittlung von Baufinanzierungen für Ihren Kauf, Umbau oder Neubau. Günstige Zinsen durch Marktvergleich inklusive Fördermittel-Beratung,  Wohnriester, Bausparverträge, etc. Immobiliendarlehen, Umschuldung, Forward-Darlehen, Förderdarlehen. Beratung vor, während, nach dem Kauf.


Unabhängige Beratung und Vermittlung von Versicherungen: Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherungen, Risiko-Lebensversicherungen, geförderte Riester- und Basisrentenversicherungen, Direktversicherungen, Private Krankenversicherungen, Krankenzusatzversicherungen, Wohngebäudeversicherung, Bauherrenhaftpflichtversicherung, Feuer Rohbauversicherungen, Privathaftpflichtversicherung, Rechtschutzversicherung, Berufshaftpflichtversicherung, etc..


Online oder Vor Ort Beratung/Service im Rhein Neckar Kreis | IH Individuelle Finanzberatung im SAP Gewerbepark St. Leon-Rot oder bei Ihnen in Heidelberg, Walldorf, Wiesloch, St. Leon-Rot, Schwetzingen, Speyer, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Viernheim, Weinheim, Hemsbach, Heppenheim, Lampertheim, Bürstadt, Worms, Bensheim, Pfungstadt, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Sinsheim.


     Mortgage Expert   &  Financial Advisor

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