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Tax benefits provided by government-sponsored private pension schemes


I would like to illustrate these benefits briefly to you below.

Please keep in mind that the information given can only be of a general nature. What effects these possibilities will have on your own tax liability will have to be checked in your individual case.  All solutions described can be evaluated individually for your specific case.


  1. As of 1 January 2019, the amount of special expenses deductible from your taxable income as contributions to the Rürup pension scheme in your tax return has been increased. It now amounts to 88% instead of the 86% that could be deducted in 2015. The possible maximum amount has also changed and has been increased from previously € 22,766 for singles and € 45.532 for married couples to € 24.305 € 48.610 respectively.
  2. The second possibility you can make use of as regards private pension schemes is the so-called Riester scheme. At a maximum amount of € 2,100 of contributions paid by you per year, you can obtain up to € 908.00 of government funds, either as an allowance or as a tax refund!

    These two solutions are not offered via your employer but you can apply for them privately if you wish. If you choose to apply, the Riester and/or Rürup pension scheme will be available to you and both are a savings plan at the same time. As regards both varieties, you will be spoilt for choice: whether you opt for an insurance plan or an investment savings plan – there are many options available to you.'

  3. The third possibility of saving taxes or social security contributions can be implemented by direct insurance. This is offered by your employer. Employees can usually not freely choose the product but are offered fixed product solutions by their employer. The tax free maximum contributions for direct insurance, pension funds (Sect. 3 No. 63 Income Tax Act) also increase to € 3.212 € p. a. = € 268.00 per month plus € 1,800* p.a. | *for new contracts beginning in 2005 and later and if Sect. 40b of the Income Tax Act is not made use of. This means that you can save up to € 2,200 per year in taxes and possibly also in social security contributions.




This list is intended to give you an overview of the options available to every employee in Germany. It goes without saying that anyone who does not actively strive for such a solution will not be able to benefit from such tax advantages. Would you like to know more about the modalities & tax effect of the options described above?



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