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SAP Occupational Disability Insurance Add on



Occupational Disability Insurance, is after Health Insurance, one of the most important Insurance to protect yourself against the consequences of long sickness!





Take care of yourself.


You are happy that with SAP you have found an employer in Germany you can trust, who promotes you talent and who
gives you the opportunity to start a new life in Germany. At the moment you are doing better than ever before -
and yet this is just the beginning of your future. Many colleagues put it at the back of their minds that life also involves risks that they do not know of today, hoping that everything will go well. Nevertheless one should know as much as possible about these risks and have a good look at the possible consequences. What will happen, for example, if you have to face one of the following challenges in the next few years?






What’s next in terms of money?


Statistically speaking, one out of four people in Germany suffers such a blow of fate (serious accident or illness). This is also true for people working in offices. You would no longer be able to exercise your profession at SAP and would be occupationally disabled in Germany.





To make matters worse, you will have financial worries in addition to your health problems as SAP will continue to pay your full salary for 6 weeks maximum only. Afterwards, your statutory health insurance will pay a sickness benefit for up to 72 weeks maximum. But the amount of the sickness benefit will always be below your previous net income. SAP will cover the difference for 12 months and then this payment will stop.





What will happen after 72 weeks?




When these 18 months have expired, the sickness benefit will no longer be paid and you will receive unemployment benefits from the state, but only if you have been working in Germany for five years at that time.This is often not the case as you may just have come to Germany from abroad.


Through SAP’s company pension scheme you will receive a monthly occupational disability pension (if selected) of € 2,149 maximum, but only until the age of 62. After the deduction of taxes and social security contributions you will have less money at your disposal so that you will need a private cover until you reach pensionable age (67). We recommend taking out an insurance cover of 80% of your net income.


Your contact Isabelle Helme will be pleased to assist you in finding the right insurance cover!




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