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Statutory versus private health insurance, dual Health system in Germany


For the year 2019, the Federal Ministry of Health adapted the contribution assessment ceiling to EUR 4,737.50 .

Provided that the 14,6 per cent contribution rate remains unchanged, the maximum monthly contribution to the statutory health and nursing care insurance in 2019 is EUR 889 € for the childless.


Before you decide to leave statutory Insurance System and go for private Health insurance, you should ask for an expert financial Advisor. Contact


This Item is very complex one and each System (Private or statutory one) has advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of. Your life planning is very important basis to discuss the suitable strategy.



Private Health Insurance



Employees with a gross income of more than € 60.750 in 2019 (corresponds to a monthly salary of € 5062 if 13 monthly salaries are paid) can take out private health insurance. A change from statutory health insurance to private health insurance should be carefully considered. In an individual face-to-face consultation, we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type.



If you intend to take out private health insurance,
you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Individually calculated contribution that is often considerably lower than the statutory contribution
  • Guaranteed benefits – for a whole lifetime
  • Free choice of hospital, one-bed and two-bed rooms
  • Free choice of doctor, treatment by the head physician
  • Treatment by alternative practitioners, premium-quality dental prosthesis
  • Daily sickness allowance
  • No prescription charges, no co-payments on medication
  • Privately insured patient status: short waiting times, quick arrangement of appointments


Private supplementary insurance


If a change to private insurance does not pay off for you, you can complement or increase the benefits you have under your statutory health insurance by private supplementary insurance:

  • Supplementary dental insurance
  • Supplementary hospital insurance
  • Benefits for glasses, dental treatment, alternative practitioner treatment
  • International health insurance
  • Option for health insurance
  • Supplementary nursing care insurance



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