Independant financial Services for SAP Staff members


Construction Financing - Refinancing - Prolongation –
Forward loans – Government grants and allowances for consultation


Even possible: without Equity or without unlimited residential permission


I will help you to realise the purchase of the property you desire – From your idea to its implementation. You need a financing offer or assistance to find a financial plan that matches your budget? I will provide you with a tailor-made financing concept with a top-notch interest guarantee. Comparison of interest rates throughout Germany, individual advice as regards the possibilities of obtaining grants and a check of insurance policies available for newly built houses or existing buildings.

Advice and Full Service


You will receive from me a favorable construction financing that suits you. I compare offers from banks, savings banks, Volksbanks and building societies for you and also take into account KfW promotional programmes, special bank campaigns or regional features. Proximity to you is my top priority. You will have a personal contact person who exclusively takes care of your needs.


What does our service cost?

There are no costs for you. The credit institutions pay us if we successfully arrange a construction loan for you.


Who are our financing partners?


We work with over 350 lenders, such as banks, savings banks and Volksbanks.



  • Preparation of the future building of a house, purchase of a house or of a private flat
  • Independent consultation and  referral of over 250 credit institutions
  • All types of financing possible
    Annuity mortgages | Fixed loans | Home savings plans |
    Forward loans | Refinancing | Prolongation | KfW
    [1] grants |

  • Unique service: Overview of all grants available for construction, especially for your construction or modernisation project. (KfW grants, Bafa[1], ….*)
  • *Did you know? There are about 6000 grants available for building, modernising, saving energy, e.g. by a new heating system or thermal insulation, and the use of renewable energies.[1]

  • Home improvement loans for existing buildings

[1] KfW is a government-owned development bank

[1] Federal Agency for Economic Affairs and Export Control (Bafa)




The office of Isabelle Helme Individuelle Finanzberatung has moved to the SAP commercial park in St. Leon-Rot.


The address of my office now is  Opelstraße 9, 68789 St. Leon-Rot   


My phone number, too, has changed. You can now reach me at +49 6227 651 33 29.


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