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Independant Financial Services 


  • Special conditions: you get the best with Market Comparisons
  • Independent advice & insurance Broker
  • Independent advice and Brokerage of real estate loans
    Baufi24 Representative




Office:  Opelstrasse 9b in SAP Commercial Area St. Leon-Rot  or Online Advice 

Contact: Tel.: 06227 651 33 29 or mail










Baufi24 Representative Office in SAP Commercial Area Rot




Do you want to buy a real estate in Germany?
Even without Equity or without residential permit?

You are looking for the best quotation all over the market?


Individual advice (free of charge)  and nationwide tenders for best interest rates.

Annuity financing - building loan contracts - home pensions (Wohnriester)

Fixed loans - forward loans - inclusion of German Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) funds - SAP loans






Occupational Disability Insurance Add On to SAP Benefit Plan



You have Family to secure and you have Plans like House building?

Health Insurance covers you maximal 18 months in a case of long seakness. After this time, you need some occupational Disability Insurance. 


Ask me for more informations about your standard Cover with SAP and the
SAP Occupational disability insurance Add On you need in extension.






You want to reduce your Income Tax? 

Tax benefits provided by government & 
Sponsored private pension schemes


Pension Schemes and Possibilities

Tax Advantage with Investments

Pension Planning with tax advantages

Rürup Basic Reteriment Plan, Riester Retirement Plan







Private Health Insurance & Hospital, Dental Add on with benefits


  • Lower contributions thanks to SAP group tariffs with private health insurance companies
  • Reduced contributions through switching to more favourable
    ariffs Independent market Offer





Check-up for insurance Quoation and conditions


Occupational Disability

Liability Insurance

Advocate Insurance

Surviving Dependents Insurance

Accident Insurance

Building insurance, etc...

Independent Financial advisor



I have been offering independent financial servicesfinancial planning for more than
22 years. I guarantee a consulting service that is not linked to any banks or insurance companies, and we will support you in all your financial matters. When providing my service, i take account of any existing  employer contributions such as  company-funded pension plans, employee-funded pension, contributions to capital formation (VWL), housing loans, etc... and of any existing contracts.


My service & consultancy is free of charge. My claims are directed to the company or the bank, for which the customer has chosen the financial or insurance Product.








Consulting office for SAP & Friends in Opelstrasse 9b, SAP business park in 68789 St. Leon-Rot


For all SAP colleagues who are not at the location, I offer webinars and conference calls.
We check your existing financial solutions, supplement and optimize them if necessary.


Unique selling points: 100% independent and 22 years of experience with financial planning for SAP employees





Baufinanzierung - Geldanlage - Versicherungen - Rentenplanung - Familien Vorsorge


Anlageberatung & Anlagevermittlung: IH Individuelle Finanzberatung UG(haftungsbeschränkt) & Co. KG ist im Rahmen der Anlageberatung und der Anlagevermittlung von Finanzinstrumenten gem. § 2 Abs. 4 WpHG als gebundener Vermittler ausschließlich im Namen, für Rechnung und unter Haftung der FiNet Asset Management AG tätig.


Unabhängige Beratung und Vermittlung von Baufinanzierungen für Ihren Kauf, Umbau oder Neubau. Günstige Zinsen durch Marktvergleich inklusive Fördermittel-Beratung,  Wohnriester, Bausparverträge, etc. Immobiliendarlehen, Umschuldung, Forward-Darlehen, Förderdarlehen. Beratung vor, während, nach dem Kauf.


Unabhängige Beratung und Vermittlung von Versicherungen: Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherungen, Risiko-Lebensversicherungen, geförderte Riester- und Basisrentenversicherungen, Direktversicherungen, Private Krankenversicherungen, Krankenzusatzversicherungen, Wohngebäudeversicherung, Bauherrenhaftpflichtversicherung, Feuer Rohbauversicherungen, Privathaftpflichtversicherung, Rechtschutzversicherung, Berufshaftpflichtversicherung, etc..


Online oder Vor Ort Beratung/Service im Rhein Neckar Kreis | IH Individuelle Finanzberatung im SAP Gewerbepark St. Leon-Rot oder bei Ihnen in Heidelberg, Walldorf, Wiesloch, St. Leon-Rot, Schwetzingen, Speyer, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Viernheim, Weinheim, Hemsbach, Heppenheim, Lampertheim, Bürstadt, Worms, Bensheim, Pfungstadt, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Sinsheim.


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